Anonymous asked:

Do you know if Just Cause 2 and/or Far Cry 2 is worth picking up at all?

I’ve heard some great stuff about just cause so go ahead! And if you wanna catch up on the farcry series then it would be good to get number 2, if you don’t care just get the third one

Anonymous asked:

I've just really gotten into gaming, and I fucking love Skyrim (goddamn it's great) and I've been looking at Fallout games, Fallout 3 in particular. But nobody I know has played it. What's your thoughts?

Fallout is just as great as skyrim! Its the exact same gameplay but i love the concept.i mean, the gameplay is a little different but obviously the main difference is using guns. The guns actually make the game a little harder because of ammo and whatnot but I definitely recommend fallout for everyone! Have fun! :)

Anonymous asked:

If you haven't pursued Rust yet, I'd strongly suggest it. I know a server you could play on to help get the hang of the game. You could actually play on the server I'm on and I could help you

Yea i wanted to really get into PC gaming but i have an old shitty laptop so im gonna wait a while and save some money to get a good gaming computer, ill post it when the time comes!

aluesora asked:

Hey there I just got a quick question about the new assasins creed rouge game is it a filler for one of the other AC stories and I was just wondering if you knew anything about it man if not it's alright :) and awesome blog !!

Wow i was so hyped up about AC Unity that i never even heard of Rogue!! So i looked it up and apparently youre a Templar hunting Assassins taking place in the North Atlantic i believe and it’s supposed to fill in the hole between AC 3 and Black Flag and will have a crucial link in the Kenway saga. For more details just check this out