aluesora asked:

Hey there I just got a quick question about the new assasins creed rouge game is it a filler for one of the other AC stories and I was just wondering if you knew anything about it man if not it's alright :) and awesome blog !!

Wow i was so hyped up about AC Unity that i never even heard of Rogue!! So i looked it up and apparently youre a Templar hunting Assassins taking place in the North Atlantic i believe and it’s supposed to fill in the hole between AC 3 and Black Flag and will have a crucial link in the Kenway saga. For more details just check this out

Anonymous asked:

Haven't played dark souls. How's dark souls 2?

Well i only played the first one so far but when i put in the time to beat it (a long long time) I’ll get the second one for sure, but for your sake i suggest youtube i just think videos give you the full picture

thetaintedking asked:

Hmm.. Infamous and the upcoming expansion for it seem good. I would also suggest the downloadable game Transistor. Not all too sure on what else is out/coming soon.

Idk about Infamous it looked good but ill look more into it and i havent even heard of the other game ill check it out